Thursday, May 3, 2012

Online Education, Anyone?

Hello Sex Educators!  Below are my experiences with teaching sex education through online workshops.  I am sharing with you my successes and my failures with doing this type of education and I hope you can learn from my trial-and-error process.

Click the following link to download the printable handout for this vlog:
Please complete the handout while watching the videos. 

Video One: How to Create a Video

Guided Questions:
(1) After watching the video, what other skills can you model during your videos as a sex educator for your audience?
(2) Which demographic do you think online workshops can greatly benefit?  Least benefit?

Video Two: How to Create an Online Learning Environment

Guided Questions:
(1) After watching the video, which sex education topics can you see working well on this format?
(2) Is there opportunity in your current sex education to integrate online workshops/vlogs?  If so, how soon can you get started?

Thank you all for the on-going support and Happy Orgasms!

 Rachel Maulding

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